Web Resources: webdesignstack.com

I wanted to share this cool site with you: It’s a collection of very helpful resources, if you are developing or working on websites. The content is separated into these eight categories: DESIGN offers things like fonts, image editors,¬†and free photo stocks DEVELOPMENT collection of editors, frameworks and helpful workflow tools PRODUCTION hosting, version control, […]

Create Windows-KMS Server

At first you need a Windows Server 2008 or newer and a KMS Host B Key. You need at least 25 clients in your network to use this KMS Activation! 1. Activate your Server with the KMS Host B Key

2. Start online activation of your Server

3. Create a new dns-record in […]

Export list of Shared Folders

Code to export shared folders under Windows:

Code to import shared folders:

After you imported some folders you have to restart the service